Medical Chi Gong

Chi translates as "universal life force" and Gong as "hard work" or "skillful cultivation".  Chi Gong is a generic term for energy cultivation and there are many traditions and intentions. Peter learned Martial Chi Gong through Brent Hamby of EBM Kung Fu, and later Brian O'dea's Five Animal Frolics and 8 piece brocade. He has studied Wisdom Healing Chi Gong with Mingtong Gu since 2008.  WHQ teaches us how to open the body's energy gates, expand into the ocean of energy in all directions, absorb energy directly from nature, and to cultivate a field of healing energy that serves the practitioner and anyone who chooses to engage with it. In addition to using chi gong for direct energy cultivation, Peter teaches the basic forms to people interested in developing their own healing capacity.


Acupressure may be thought of as acupuncture without the needles. It is a gentle healing modality that uses the organ-meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine to open flows of energy within a person that have the ability to heal the body, balance emotions and lead the client into deep states of consciousness. Combined with Medical Chi Gong, acupressure is powerful medicine. Peter has successfully used acupressure to flip breached babies, stop panic attacks, treat insomnia, anxiety, grief, nausea and constipation.

Biodynamic Cranial Touch

The Dynamic Stillness School, founded by Charles Ridley, offers a non-medical, non-doing biodynamic approach to cranial-sacral work that is free of mechanical/functional overlay. The training primarily support the inner development of the practitioner to directly connect to the Breath of Life. 

The approach is non-medical, which means sessions are not referenced to a symptom-diagnosis-treatment paradigm, or 'doing to' a client in any way.  A certified practitioner of Biodynamic Cranial Touch is trained to let the motion of primary respiration direct the sequence of the session. For the practitioner this means resting in oneself with freed attention, and thus not tracking inside the client for inertial motion patterns, not naming the processes during the session. The practitioner applies no techniques, or outside forces of any kind to cranial lesions, body tissues, or tides. This work is an evolutionary model, not a treatment model. “Treatment happens” on multiple levels at the same time as part of an evolutionary impulse or intelligence. Cranial enfoldments are understood as non-separate expressions of an evolving and embodied conscious Whole. The Power inside the Forces of embryogenesis - The Love that emanates out of Dynamic Stillness – is in non-separate consort with/in/as this consciousness.

At conception, Pure Breath of Life, as a multi-tidal potency, incarnates as an ebb and flow inside the embryo as a 'primary respiration.' This suffusion of 'inner breath' within the protoplasmic fluids is mediated by pacemaker cells that surround the embryo. This fractal, multi- dimensional, tidal motion enters the flesh from the infinite periphery of Dynamic Stillness, it suffuses the embryos' vertical midline of Stillness, and organizes forces that combine levity and gravity that orchestrates the precise geometric patterns in the fluids of the embryo that create the human form.

This is the biodynamic motion of health that never stops: after birth, primary respiration, emanating from the heart field, continues to maintain our human form, all the body functions, and health; it is the foundation for our perceptual integrity; and is the power that propels our consciousness toward realization of utter bodily union with The Love that creates all there is - throughout the rest of life.

In the Dynamic Stillness school, we earnestly heed Dr. Sutherland's guidance: 'trust the Tide,' leaving it completely free to heal from within. Dr. Sutherland ardently asked biodynamic practitioners to allow physiologic function from 'within' to manifest its own 'unerring potency' rather than to 'apply blind force' from without, and in this practice we strictly abide by his injunction.